Colorado native Topher Straus left the state to attend Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Art. He pursued a career in documentary, narrative films and advertising that took him to Los Angeles and later, New Zealand.

Upon returning to Denver in 2012, he shifted gears and began fervently working in his studio as a full-time artist, quickly landing his first solo exhibit. His second solo show, The Parks, was featured at Denver's Niza Knoll Gallery early in 2019. Here he garnered much attention for his modern approach to the depiction of iconic landscapes, solidifying his style, vision and emergence into the art scene.  Since then he has been featured in other solo and group shows througout Colorado, California and New York. He works out of his studio in the foothills of Golden, Colorado actively enjoys the outdoor lifestyle that inspires his work.

He is an active, enthusiastic promoter of his own work and the art community as a whole.