It is a pleasure to receive a commission request for custom artwork — and not uncommon. I have a lot of experience working with collectors and am thrilled to deliver something unique that you will enjoy for a lifetime!

Why Commission?
You may like my uplifting style, but find that the color palette or size of my currently available artwork isn’t quite right, or you like a painting that has sold and would like to capture a similar look in a new work.

Lets collaborate to create a special painting designed just for you! The process is exciting and I work very hard to put my soul into the creation you envision. I have experience working with interior designers around the nation to create a stylized living space.

When commissioning artwork, it’s important to recognize that every original painting is unique, and your final commission will be a new painting. 

What to Expect

Your painting will not be an inch-by-inch recreation of an existing image. I work from photography so often clients provide me with an image. I also ask you let me know your favorite examples of my work. Examples are highly recommended to help me understand your style and expectations.

Your painting will be completed in my artistic abstract style as represented in my art gallery. This means I won’t accept commissions for highly realistic visual outcomes, representative portraits, or replicas of the work of other artists.

My typical creative process for commissions takes eight (8) weeks to deliver.

Timing of completion factors include:

  • My schedule at the time of acceptance.
  • First half of payment. 
  • A standard art commission contract (read sample)
  • Your design vision and its complexity; the size and number of paintings
  • Revisions (which can result in extending the completion date); 
  • Final printing process.
The process milestones are listed in more below.

In the end, commissioned art is a significant commitment between us. Your art will reflect the unique artist/collector relationship we have and represent a very special story of what inspired you to commission it. Thank you for letting me a part of your journey!

I encourage you to read my testimonials.


How do I request commissioned artwork?

The first step is to confirm that I am currently accepting commissions, based on existing commissions and other projects. Please contact me with your request. 

What is the process for commissioning a painting?

When I receive your email request, I’ll contact you to schedule a meeting or phone call. We’ll discuss your artwork needs, your style considerations and placement of the art, the painting surface, the creation process and timeline as well as the cost and initial deposit. I’ll confirm artwork specifics such as size and your preferred color palette. Within three business days, I’ll email you a contract with pricing, dates and other details, and an invoice with link to make a 50% deposit. Once the contract and payment are received, the creation of your painting will begin (based on my schedule at the time of acceptance and payment).

What is the cost of a commissioned painting?

My commission rate is currently $12 a square inch for luma chrome or $8 per square inch for aluminum. For example a 20x40 inch luma chrome painting costs $9,600 (40IN X 20in x $12) or $6,400 for aluminum. The cost (including shipping and tax) will be documented in the contract with 50% of the total cost due at signing. Once I receive the 30% I begin work on your commissioned artwork.

How long does it take to complete a commissioned painting?

Commissions typically take eight (8) weeks but can vary. Completion factors include: my schedule at the time of acceptance; your design vision and its complexity; the size and number of canvases; revisions (which can extend the completion date); and the final printing process.

What are the steps in the creation process?

A typical eight-week process includes:

  • Preliminary color sketch for client review and approval
  • Painting development, with progress images emailed
  • Client review and interactive live work session (video screen share or in person)
  • Edits (if needed) (two edits included, which could extend the completion date)
  • Final client review and go-ahead
  • Final finishing and printing onto metal (canvas works are also available)
  • Printing and Shipment time*
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Delivery, or shipping, with Certificate of Authenticity plaque. (New Window Link)

    * Note: If you are commissioning an acrylic painting on canvas: Complete acrylic paint curing (beyond “dry to the touch”) depends on paint thickness and environmental humidity and temperature. DFW delivery can be made, but care should be taken in onsite handling. Shipping will occur when the paint is sufficiently cured to professionally package, typically 2-3 weeks.

What if I’m not satisfied with the painting?

While I work diligently to listen to my clients and create artwork that more than meets their expectations, creating art is, well, an “art” not a science! It’s possible that the commission doesn’t meet your vision. If after two edit rounds you are not happy with your commissioned artwork, you can apply 50% of your initial deposit to purchase through this site any other available painting within six (6) months. I will retain the commissioned painting and can offer it for sale on my website in the future. I’ve never had an unsatisfied collector.

Will the finished painting be framed?

Yes. I have a variety of frame options which we will discuss. It will be wired and ready to hang. I recommend hiring a professional to hang for larger paintings over 20in x 40in.

Can I return the commissioned painting for a refund after delivery?

No. Once received, there are no returns on commissioned artwork. If there are any issues with shipping damage they must be documented and you have to contact me immediately.

 "Woods Lake" - Commissioned piece by Topher Straus