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I recently spent some time in Hawaii with someone special who had not been in many years. I think what was really exciting about this Maui trip for me was that while I go frequently, going with someone who hasn’t been there for a long time made me realize there was so much to see. We rented a mini cooper convertible and drove ALL over the island. We saw the other side of Haleakala, a prehistoric rain forest, and what looked like a moonscape - a blowhole by the ocean. All the new sights and sunsets I experience will definitely lead to a lot of new aloha paintings.

It's a little surreal that the last time I was there was during the fires. I found it to be really devastating to go back and see all the memorials and destruction. At the same time, it was also uplifting to see the Hawaiin spirit and their generosity in sharing this beautiful place with others. Hawaii needs our support. I felt so welcome as a tourist, and was conscious of respecting what they have been through. I was glad we could help support the recovery.

Life has taken me to some unexpected places in the past 12 months. Being in Hawaii for the fires, and then in Tel Aviv for the beginning of the war was both devastating and a unique honor. I have worked through a lot to understand that I was intended to be in those places to capture the moment and shine my light where I can. It was incredibly difficult but important for me to work on my paintings afterwards, and I am honored to be able to continue to paint and share my experiences with you.

I am so grateful for your support and enthusiasm for my journey.

Maui Lush Green Plants


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