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Topher's most recent, top selling paintings. Bring nature in and enrich your space.

Welcome to the website of Colorado Artist Topher Straus! These artworks feature a modern, stylized approach to depicting natural and urban landscapes including iconic views of treasured U.S. National Parks. Sublimated onto large-scale metal sheets, these works are powerful statement pieces that add color and vibrancy to any space. Using a process that merges technology with an artist’s eye for form and color, Straus highlights the essence of each subject matter allowing his digital creations to pop off the metal substrate. Enjoy!

Browse the Collection
Best Sellers
Topher's most recent, top selling images. Bring nature in and enrich your space.
Unique statement pieces
Limited Editions
Beautifully printed on aluminum and framed with hanging system included. Each limited edition includes a numbered, plaque of authenticity attached to the back of the finished artwork.
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New Work
Transform your interior space with these new works. Designed to bring out color and life of any room.
"I've harnessed modern technology and methods that haven’t been around very long, and are rarely utilized by creators of fine art. I start with a photograph of a natural landscape (mountains, rivers, oceans, etc). I examine the photo and look for the most intriguing aspects of the image and for the most prominent colors. Then I take my stylus and select specific colors from the original image—turning it into my palette—and paint over the photograph with those original colors."

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