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Topher’s work is...beautiful... creative...imaginative...eye capturing. You can’t help but look!

Heidi McDowell, American Mountaineering Museum

“I was taken with the exuberance and color of Topher's paintings.
Collectors from across the nation came into the gallery to view and purchase Topher’s transcending paintings. He is easy  to work with, enthusiastic with and I look forward to our future exhibitions.

Niza Knoll, Niza Knoll Gallery

Straus’ landscapes have a retro cubist quality, along with a dash of Yellow Submarine.

Michael Paglia, Art Critic

Straus’ work is alarming with color, solid and vibrant. Each work, they first jump out at the viewer separately and then together in a cooperative relationship with one another. His subjects focus on everyday images, though envisioned through an abstract scope. Each piece seems familiar and in most cases, jarringly emotional.

Matthew Marchesano, Critic & Journalist

Topher's work has beautiful movement and graphic brilliance.  My client loves the piece that hangs on his wall.

Michael Mezzano, Michael Mezzano Design, LLC

“Topher’s work is stunning and on metal it makes the colors pop.  I saw a post he created of the Pacific Ocean and wanted to do an original commision from it. Topher and I worked together, in his studio to create a painting. It turned out stunning and I enjoyed working with him."

Barbara Stanton, Collector

Straus’s large, digital landscape prints of mountain parks are applied to aluminum surfaces for an abstracted look that suggests the very canyon walls and mountain peaks the center was built to extol

Susan Froyd, Art Critic

Topher is an accomplished artist with grace & tenacity. He has accepted life on his terms with his intelligence, authenticity & boundless energy.

Nancy Koontz, Journalist

"I was enthralled with Topher's work and approached him about a commission.  He created a beautiful piece of original work that is the centerpiece of my living room remodel.  In addition to being a very talented artist, he listens and communicates effectively and works quickly but with all his heart.  I  absolutely love the piece."

Brian Pryor, Collector