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Welcome to the website of Colorado Artist Topher Straus! These artworks feature a modern, stylized approach to depicting natural and urban landscapes including iconic views of treasured U.S. National Parks. Sublimated onto large-scale metal sheets, these works are powerful statement pieces that add color and vibrancy to any space. Using a process that merges technology with an artist’s eye for form and color, Straus highlights the essence of each subject matter allowing his digital creations to pop off the metal substrate. Enjoy!

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Best Sellers
Topher's most recent, top selling paintings. Bring nature in and enrich your space.
Browse the Collection
Best Sellers
Topher's most recent, top selling images. Bring nature in and enrich your space.
Unique statement pieces
View Topher's popular works featuring snow landscapes and ski areas in the mountain west. 
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New Work
Transform your interior space with these new works. Designed to bring out color and life of any room.
“A large part of my art is the first step, the actual journey; experiencing nature in person and observing it. Whether it’s the delicate eyelashes of an elephant up-close, or the continually changing hues of the world around me, I’ve learned that all the parts create the whole. The adventure itself helps shape my interpretation." 
-Topher Straus

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