Europe Bound

My mom and I realized that it had been almost a DECADE since our last trip together, with just the two of us! The last trip was to New York and resulted in Gowanus Viaduct. This time, she decided she wanted to take me to one of her favorite cities in the world, Amsterdam.

We stayed on a boat in central Amsterdam (which I HIGHLY recommend!) and had an absolutely amazing time strolling through the beautiful streets, soaking in the amazing architecture and enjoying the fun shops.

Sharing it was incredible; it was so fun to see one of my mom's favorite places through her eyes, and learn why it means so much to her. It was so nice to sleep on a boat, gently rocking to sleep each night and waking up to amazing oatmeal and yogurt right on the dock.

One of our favorite things was all the tulip stands throughout the city - we were there at the perfect time to enjoy the beauty. I couldn't help but envision my next painting!

I learned so much about my mom as well. We walked at least 15,000 steps a day, which prepared her for the Boulder Boulder! There is no shortage of great museums, but my favorite is the Mocca Museum, filled with some of my favorite pop and modern artists. It's conveniently located between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.


After Amsterdam, I traveled to Germany to meet up with a friend from Hamburg. I loved seeing the city from the perspective of touring the harbor on boats and riding through the classic European towns. It was a fantastic experience and I was super inspired by all the amazing shipping containers, ships, and cranes.  Get ready for Oakland Cargo 2.0!


What's Coming Next??

I just finished an AMAZING new painting of Yellowstone National Park. Think turquoise and clear blue hot springs, golden sand... It is really gorgeous! I can't wait for you to see it! In fact....

I can't wait! 🙌 I'm only making this painting available for YOU, my VIPs, to see and preorder. The Special Edition #1 has already sold, but the #1 of the Limited Editions is still available as of July 1. This painting is going to FLY.

👀 See a special preview of it and have a chance to preorder. If you want a certain edition, contact me directly to see if it is still available!

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