Go Big or Go Home!

Using my Apple VisionPro goggles to paint has led me to the realization that seeing my work in a truly large scale format is what brings me the most joy. The bigger they get, the more you can see the detail and contrasts in the colors and textures. I debuted the first Triptych last summer with The Grand Traverse, and it was quickly acquired by a Coloradan collector.

Many of my Original paintings will come in triptychs or even quads, which lets me create truly awe inspiring works of art. Badlands, my newest National Park painting, is available as an Original in triptych and is 10 feet across and 5 feet tall. Visit my site to see all of the new large format Originals that are available! If you have the space, these multi-panel paintings are mind-blowing🤯.


Continuing The Journey to Paint National Parks

Badlands National Park
I am continuing my path of painting every National Park! This month I am featuring the Badlands of South Dakota - a barren yet beautiful landscape. I find the colors of this painting restful but at the same time rejuvenating.

60"x36", 60"x48", 60"x36" Triptych Original: $48,900

36"x72" Special Edition $10,900

30"x60" Limited Edition $4,500

San Diego
The beach at San Diego - it's not a national park, but it should be! I love hanging out on the California beaches, and the interesting structures of the life guard stands really captured my eye.

The Original of this painting is a Quad - four 45" x 45" panels, creating a spectacular 90" x 90" painting . While the original is a sight to behold, I've also made it available in a Special Edition of 48x48", and Limited Edition at 32x32". Each size preserves the integrity and essence of the original, allowing art enthusiasts to bring a piece of this dynamic vision into their own spaces.

90x90" Quad Original: $49,900

48x48: Special Edition: $9,900

32x32" Limited Edition $3,900

San Diego by Topher Straus on a wall

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