Celebrating Community Through Art: Supporting Boulder Ballet and BGOLDN with Bold Creations and Heartfelt Giving

One of my favorite things about my chosen life path is that I am able to support really amazing organizations in my community through my art. I was so honored to be part of the Boulder Ballet Amplify. After the successful fundraising last year, I was challenged by my friend Todd Reed, an incredibly talented artist who supports the ballet through his jewelry, to create a ballet themed painting.

After my recent visit to Japan, where I was able to tour the Matisse collections at the National Art Center in Tokyo, I was inspired by his bold colors and imperfect yet somehow perfect cutouts. My modern version, utilizing a limited but bold color palette, captures the rhythm and movement of ballet. I'm so inspired by this new fun style - watch for more in this series. 


Ben Needham-Wood, Boulder Ballet, Topher Straus, and Todd Reed, Artist.

Another organization that is near and dear to my heart is BGOLDN. They work tirelessly to combat food insecurity right here in our community. I am so proud to say that I raised enough money for BGOLDN at their recent event at the Golden Mill on April 25th to feed 100 families for a week. That feels so good, I can't even describe it! I was honored that Lillie was so taken with Golden Sun, and was able to share that giving journey with me!
Topher Straus holding Golden Sun with Lillie Nauslar at Golden Mill for BGOLDN.


New River Gorge National Park

As part of my National Park series, I was inspired by the challenge of incorporating the manmade steel bridge into my landscape, giving me a rare opportunity to incorporate some of the elements I love about urban environments in my national park series.  I also love the spring colors of this painting. 

60"x36", 60"x48", 60"x36" Triptych Original:   $48,900

36"x72" Special Edition $10,900

30"x60" Limited Edition $4,500


Ballet 1

I've drawn inspiration from Matisse's iconic cutouts to craft a visual ballet of movement and color, brought to life through bold strokes and vibrant hues. Standing tall at 90 x 90 inches across four panels, the original "Ballet 1" commands attention with its monumental scale. I deliberately chose such a grand size to immerse viewers fully in the rhythmic energy and graceful movements depicted within the composition. It's an experience meant to be felt as much as seen, inviting observers to become enveloped in the dance unfolding before them.
Inspired by Matisse's revolutionary approach to form and color, I've infused "Ballet 1" with a palette that sings with exuberance. Bright, bold hues leap from the canvas, creating a sense of joy and vitality that's impossible to ignore. While the original is a sight to behold, I've also made it available in a Special Edition of 48x48", and Limited Edition at 32x32". Each size preserves the integrity and essence of the original, allowing art enthusiasts to bring a piece of this dynamic vision into their own spaces. 

90x90" Quad Original: $49,900

48x48: Special Edition: $9,900

32x32" Limited Edition $3,900

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