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My Newest Paintings!

I'm on a mission to capture the essence of all the U.S. National Parks, and I'm thrilled to say I'm more than halfway there! My ultimate ambition? To explore every one of these breathtaking and sacred space. In the meantime, I owe a debt of gratitude to Scott Desatnick for igniting my inspiration to paint Gates of the Arctic National Park. What a fitting name for such an expansive and stunning landscape!

If you've had the pleasure of visiting Gates of the Arctic or any of the other parks I've painted, drop me a line! I'd love to hear about your experiences and adventures. And to Scott, a heartfelt thank you—I've got a special surprise headed your way!

When I was researching Gates of the Arctic, I came across Kenai Fjords National Park, and was awestruck by the stark and simple beauty of it. It inspired me to include something special, based on an amazing experience I had at the Atlanta Aquarium. First see if you can find it, then scroll down towards the bottom of email for a really big hint...

As my special collectors and subscribers, you are granted exclusive access to acquire my latest artworks before they hit the broader market. With exhibitions in galleries spanning across Colorado and the U.S., editions can sell out quickly.

Each month, you have the unique chance to get the first edition or select the edition of your choice. I have long believed that if a piece of art really speaks to you, it deserves consideration to be part of your collection. To assist with your purchase, I provide 0% financing options through my website for up to 12 months. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can always reach me at topher@topherstraus.com.
A spacious modern living room with large windows, featuring a three-piece blue-toned wall art depicting mountain reflections in water, a large sectional white sofa, and a potted green plant to the right. The painting is Kenai Fjords National Park by Topher Straus

Kenai Fjords National Park

Captivated by the Alaskan wilderness, this artwork offers a modern twist on the timeless image of an iceberg. My aim? To convey the serene grandeur of these natural wonders while infusing a touch of vibrant color. The playful colors of this painting inspired me to incorporate something really special. Can you find it? For a big hint, keep scrolling.


60"x36", 60"x48", 60"x36" Triptych Original:   $48,900

36"x72" Special Edition $10,900

30"x60" Limited Edition $4,500


A minimalist hallway with light-colored walls, featuring a tall vertical painting of a stylized landscape with blue skies and mountain ranges, hanging between wooden patterned double doors. The name of the painting is Gates of he Arctic National Park by Topher Straus

Gates of the Arctic National Park

Such a breathtaking landscape, and a joy to capture in a painting. I was especially drawn to the unique perspective in this piece, along with the striking contrast between the painterly clouds and the vibrant, flowing color blocks of the water. A big shoutout to Scott for being the inspiration behind this painting of the park!

90"x45" Original: $25,000
72"x36" Special Edition: $10,900
60"x30" Limited Edition:   $4,500



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