Saturday Night Alive 2017 (Denver Center for Performing Arts) Denver, CO

Contemporary Artist Topher Straus to Reveal "Denver, 2016" at The Denver Center for Performing Arts Gala

At last years silent auction, Straus’ Denver, 2015 achieved the highest bid of any art piece at the event. "It was unexpected, to say the least, for my piece to be as well received as it was," Straus reflected, "There's nothing quite as rewarding as helping out children’s art education. Theatre, art, film, these are all things necessary to foster future leaders.”

With the warm reception of Denver, 2015, Straus plans to annually revisit his hometown's evolving skyline. Each painting brings a new, expressive and often ignored vantage point.

Straus’ signature brand—a technological revamp of Representationalism— takes still photographs, layers them with vibrant color and prints them onto large, 4'x6' iridescent sheets of aluminum. His work ranges from playfully optimistic to mordaciously political, but all of them depict a colorful portrayal of modern events, moments and concepts.

In addition to the Denver series, Straus has created an assortment of Modern Representationalist pieces, all available to view on his website (

The 2017 Saturday Night Alive will be held on March 4, 2017, featuring Tony Award-Winning tap dancer Savion Glover.

Aside from art, Topher is also an accomplished film and documentary director. Visit ( for more information. He's also on twitter.

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