Trip to Japan!

In March, my son and I took a trip to Japan where we bought a rail pass and had access to anywhere the bullet train traveled. We went to Japan's Art Island, Naoshima, and viewed work by David Hockney—who is a huge influence for me. We also enjoyed work by the legendary artist Yayoi Kusama who, at 92 years old, is perhaps the most famous contemporary Japanese artist. Known for her repetitive dot-style artworks and multidisciplinary practice including, installations, sculpture, film, fashion, painting, and more. We had such a fantastic time! Be on the lookout for new works inspired by this experience.

Oliver and I wandered the narrow, winding streets of Osaka, scouting for a future painting. The area was so colorful and textural that the images will translate well into my style. Look for a new urban landscape work in the coming months!



  • This was a month ago but it fells like yesterday, also we went to Hawaii.

  • The third picture my dad (Topher) took a hour taking was it worth it?

    Oliver Straus

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