Vail International Gallery is pleased to present “The Parks”

Vail International Gallery is pleased to present “The Parks”, an exhibition of original images sublimed on aluminum created by Colorado artist Topher Straus featuring our national parks. Straus believes our national parks belong to the collective American psyche and the show features iconic images known and loved by many, painted in Topher’s distinctive cutting-edge style. 


Each painting is created as a limited edition of 25 (30” x 60” image size) and one large scale original (45” x 90” image size). Topher’s process begins with a photo, often one from a personal, outdoor experience, or a compelling reference image from which he bases his work. Using a computer and stylus he replaces the image with his interpretation of color, light, and movement.  Each virtual paint stroke with the stylus requires specific and deliberate concentration as he selects intuitively from infinite color options just as a traditional oil painter would. Topher spends countless hours crafting each image until he feels it is complete and fully captures the spirit and innate beauty of his subject.  He then sends the completed file to the printer who sublimates the painting onto an aluminum sheet. The sublimation process bonds dye to the aluminum on a molecular level, creating an archival quality work which is ready to hang.


Advancements in digital technology have radically transformed society in nearly every arena, including art, which is why it is so exciting to present Topher’s artwork. Topher’s paintings are physical and relatable, while at the same time progressive in their use of new technology and ideas.    Enjoy the show!

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