Maui Strong

6 Paintings

My son Oliver and I love spending time in Hawaii.  As summer came to a close for him, we decided to take a trip to Maui - a place that has restored my soul for years.  We flew in on Tuesday, August 8th😢. The fires had started about the same time we left the mainland - we had no idea.  We have many friends who were devastated by the fire. Seeing the damage and heartbreak was crushing as people learned that their families and friends were missing and their homes destroyed. I also got to witness their resiliency and reliance on each other as they made it through each day.  We helped as much as possible but left as soon as we could get a flight, so we weren't taking up valuable resources.  

To that end, I put together a collection of my Hawaiian paintings, starring my newest piece, Setting Sun, which I painted upon my return.  It was inspired by that first night and the red glow that was all around us. For every painting purchased on my website from this collection, I will donate $1000 to the Maui Strong Fund - a great organization that is getting financial relief into the hands of the survivors as quickly as possible.  My heart aches as I reflect on the tragedy of so much loss. You can also donate directly to the Maui Strong Fund.