“Are you a follower of the fine arts? I am not. Or maybe I wasn’t until we met Topher Straus at the Wings of Hope benefit for pancreatic cancer. I was drawn into this élite arena by my wife who is a 6 year pancreatic cancer survivor. Normally reserved or even shy, I met the artist and heard of his immense generosity; I was hooked. We won the bid on a magnificent gallery piece called, “Garden of the Gods”. The colors are bold and vibrant, much like the artist who layers his love of life into every work of art. And in the reflection you can see off the shiny bright surface, you too, are a part of the art. This is a must see experience for anyone who has witnessed the magic of our great outdoors.”
— Denny Thompson, Collector

Topher’s work is…beautiful…creative…eye capturing. You can’t help but look!
— Heidi McDowell, American Mountaineering Museum

Straus’ landscapes have a retro cubist quality, along with a dash of Yellow Submarine.
— Michael Paglia, Art Critic
When Topher Straus showed me his work I was taken with the exuberance  and color of his paintings and the excitement of him talking about his work. My gallery was proud to host his first one person exhibition of THE PARKS. Topher is easy work with and I look forward to our future exhibitions
— Niza Knoll, Gallery Owner
The first Topher Straus art I saw was in Denver’s Santa Fe ArtsDistrict. “Bay of Plenty” grabbed my attention, my eyes, my brain and my muscles. Standing on the sidewalk in front of Bitfactory Gallery, I moved with the movement of the leaning ship, fighting to stay upright. I knew then I wanted to have the painting in my life forever.
-Kathleen Cook, Art Collector
“Straus’ work is alarming with color, solid and vibrant. Each work, they first jump out at the viewer separately and then together in a cooperative relationship with one another. His subjects focus on everyday images, though envisioned through an abstract scope. Each piece seems familiar and in most cases, jarringly emotional.”
— Matthew Marchesano, Critic & Journalist

“I was enthralled with Topher’s series of works inspired by the National Parks and approached him about a commission. We discussed his work, the pieces that resonated the most with me, and ultimately decided to create an original work based on a very special place to me in the Rockies of Colorado and in the style of The Parks. Topher reviewed a number of photographs and worked hard to ensure he understood my connection to the place, down to my favorite time of year and even time of day. He created a beautiful piece of original work that is the centerpiece of my living room remodel. In addition to being a very talented artist, he is a great professional. He listens and communicates effectively and works quickly but with all his heart. I greatly enjoyed the process and absolutely love the piece.”
— Brian Pryor, Art Collector
We have purchased multiple paintings from Topher Straus and we get to enjoy them around the world and in the USA in our homes in Australia and Maui. We love his creativity in capturing the environment and vibrant colors.
- Mandy Dowell, , Art Collector
"I commissioned Topher to create a depiction of Bora Bora based on a personal photograph from my travels there. We collaborated on ideas for color and texture over multiple sessions. It was fun and interesting to watch Topher make changes that ultimately developed into my custom piece. I really like the final product!"
—Maira Suehnholz, Art Collector
Topher's work has beautiful movement and graphic brilliance. My client loves the piece that hangs on his wall.
— Michael Mezzano, Interior Designer
Straus’s large, landscape mountain parks are an abstracted look that suggests the very canyon walls and mountain peaks the [AmericanMountaineering Museum] was built to extol.
— Susan Froyd, Art Critic
We were drawn to Topher's work because of the unique and modern approach that he takes to creating landscapes. Nature and technology are both important parts of our life, so we connected with the way that he blends landscape photography and digital painting. While the artwork is beautiful online, it becomes even more vibrant when you see it in person printed on aluminum with a glossy finish. In fact, we had such a hard time deciding which piece we liked best that we ended up with two!

Topher was also generous enough to invite us to his studio. We enjoyed getting a peek behind the scenes to better understand his process and what goes into creating his work. It was particularly exciting to get to see the photograph that was the inspiration for one of the limited edition pieces that we purchased as well as some of the work that went into creating the final product that is now hanging on our wall.

It has been a pleasure to get to know Topher and we look forward to enjoying his art for many years to come.
-Marisa Martin and Patrick Hefner
“Topher’s work is stunning and on metal it makes the colors pop. I love water and the color blue. I saw a post he created of the PacificOcean and wanted to do an original commission from it. Topher and I worked together, in his studio to create a painting. It turned out stunning and I enjoyed working with him.
— Barbara Stanton, Art Collector

“Topher‘s work is nothing but amazing and uniquely identifiable. He has an uncanny ability to combine the beauty of the natural landscape into a digital format, the juxtaposition is breathtaking and simultaneously comfortable. The color palette is striking, creating a fantasy world from the picturesque backdrops we all know and love.  How lucky are we to have captured his work for our home!”

-JP and Rachel Brewer, Art Collector