One of my favorite parts of creating art is having the opportunity to use my work as a way to raise money for organizations that I believe in. It fills my heart to know that I can use my work to create a positive change in our community. Now more than ever, we need to active participants in positive change. I am please to have raised of $75,000 (USD) from my art that has been donated to the following non profits: BGoldn, Denver Center for The Performing Arts , Wings of Hope, Conservation Colorado, Raise The Future, and Jaimie Beck Foundation.

"On behalf of BGOLDN and all of the community members we serve, we could not be more thrilled to partner with such a humble and creative local artist. BGOLDN takes pride in thinking outside the box while making the biggest impact possible. All it takes is one glance at Topher's artwork or one brief conversation with him to know that is what he is all about as well."

- Tyson Noeth - Executive Director of BGOLDN   

"Are you a follower of the fine arts? I am not. Or maybe I wasn’t until we met Topher Straus at the Wings of Hope benefit for pancreatic cancer. I was drawn into this élite arena by my wife who is a 6 year pancreatic cancer survivor. Normally reserved or even shy, I met the artist and heard of his immense generosity; I was hooked. We won the bid on a magnificent gallery piece called, “Garden of the Gods”. The colors are bold and vibrant, much like the artist who layers his love of life into every work of art. And in the reflection you can see off the shiny bright surface, you too, are a part of the art. This is a must see experience for anyone who has witnessed the magic of our great outdoors.”

- Denny Thompson