“I was up in Sylvan State Creek Park - my favorite part of the Colorado State Park system, outside of Eagle, CO.  Every year I go up there and am captivated by nature and I try to time it so I Cath the Columbine flowers in full bloom.  I found this grove of aspen trees and played with duplicating it, creating a fairy world.”

30" x 30" Limited Edition40" x 40" Special Edition80" x 80" Original Edition

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What to Expect

 “A large part of my art is the first step, the actual journey; experiencing nature in person and observing it. Whether it’s the delicate eyelashes of an elephant up-close, or the continually changing hues of the world around me, I’ve learned that all the parts create the whole. The adventure itself helps shape my interpretation."   - Topher Straus

Printed on a recycled metal substrate with a shiny resin finish.

→ Framing and hanging system

The frame is 1.3" thick and comes in brushed black aluminum. Once hung, the frame puts the artwork exactly 1.5" from the wall. A hanging wire is installed so the artwork can be hung right out of the box. Rubber bumpers are applied to all four corners for wall stability.

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