A large part of my art is the first step, the actual journey; experiencing nature in person and observing it. Whether it’s the delicate eyelashes of an elephant up-close, or the continually changing hues of the world around me, I’ve learned that all the parts create the whole. The adventure itself helps shape my interpretation.

Growing up in Colorado and hiking and skiing the mountains as a youth, I grew to be passionate about the outdoors. As a result, I encourage others to get outside and explore. It’s no coincidence that I chose the iconic vistas of America’s national parks as my first major focus. Thanks to my family, I also grew up exposed to art and credit the painter Matisse for his strong influence in the way I see the two-dimensional plane. In addition, the highly respected tradition of landscape painting in the West has inspired me, a tradition I want to help preserve. By rendering these treasured vistas anew to a fresh audience with modern technology, I can further the joy of depicting nature and emphasize the shared responsibility of protecting it. As a silent advocate for America’s natural beauty, it’s one more way of giving back, a very important value in my life, thereby advancing the preservation of our sacred places.