“I was on a ferry boat in New Zealand crossing from the North Island to the South Island.  Below me, on the lower deck, was an open shipping container of sheep being transported.  Watching them crowd together in the middle of the ocean impacted me in a deep way.  I knew they would be incorporated into my art one day.  I love the repetition of form, and the interesting use of color vs black and white.”

30" x 30" Limited Edition40" x 40" Special Edition80" x 80" Original Edition

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What to Expect

 “A large part of my art is the first step, the actual journey; experiencing nature in person and observing it. Whether it’s the delicate eyelashes of an elephant up-close, or the continually changing hues of the world around me, I’ve learned that all the parts create the whole. The adventure itself helps shape my interpretation."   - Topher Straus

Printed on a recycled metal substrate with a shiny resin finish.

→ Framing and hanging system

The frame is 1.3" thick and comes in brushed black aluminum. Once hung, the frame puts the artwork exactly 1.5" from the wall. A hanging wire is installed so the artwork can be hung right out of the box. Rubber bumpers are applied to all four corners for wall stability.

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