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Zion National Park - Topher Straus Fine Art

"This is actually my very first  landscape I ever did. I was not intriqued by landscapes at all. I had a friend who wanted me to do a commission of his favorite park Zion. I'm going to do my best to do landscapes in a style no one has ever seen so it's surpising for me. This is actually how I got my first show - it launched everything. I love the sky, and the lines. Every artist's style changes over time and my style is always evolving. But this is where it all started - this is the foundation. If you get a chance to go to Zion, do it. It will inspire you too."


From the serene islands of Acadia to the majestic peaks of Zion, my collection of National Park art celebrates the diverse landscapes and timeless wonders. Whether adorning the walls of your home or adding a touch of natural elegance to your office space, these pieces are more than just art—they are windows to the soul of nature itself.

Topher's Editions:

The Original

Only one painting will ever be crafted in the Original size, rendering it an unparalleled rarity and prized by collectors. The enormous scale is truly an awe-inspiring.

The Special Editions: 

Striking statement paintings, distinguished by their impressive size, they are significantly larger than the Limited Editions. Special Editions cater to discerning collectors seeking a trulyremarkable artwork to elevate their space, in a run of only 10 paintings.

TheLimited Editions:

Still an impressive size, the Limited Editions, with their run of 40 paintings, have their own more accessible appeal. Ideal for collectors desiring a stunning artwork that fits their space perfectly.

Paintings with limited remaining availability command higher prices.

30" x 60" Limited Edition36" x 72" Special Edition45" x 90" Original
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 “A large part of my art is the first step, the actual journey; experiencing nature in person and observing it. Whether it’s the delicate eyelashes of an elephant up-close, or the continually changing hues of the world around me, I’ve learned that all the parts create the whole. The adventure itself helps shape my interpretation." - Topher Straus


Having selected an image that speaks to his soul, Straus puts on his Apple Vision Pro  goggles. “When I make my paintings,” he says with his ever-boyish enthusiasm, “I live inside them.” Fully immersed in an image, he then gradually, joyously transforms it using his own suite of digital painting tools, shaping and coloring it to express the scene’s very essence as he himself literally sees it.”

Next, he deploys the high-tech process of “sublimation,” transfusing his painting into an imperishable, glossy polymer coating on durable aluminum-alloy sheet, then coating it with a glossy resin finish. The resulting luminous images — created in a range of sizes and in strictly limited editions — enable light to reflect off the metal, endowing each finished painting with extraordinarily vibrant richness.


The painting is bonded to a black 1.3" thick edge mounted frame, The result is sleek and modern, and allows for easy hanging on your wall with the pre-installed professional art hanging wire. For a more secure and low profile hang, use the included bonus secure mounting system.  See "Hanging Instructions" for more details.

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What Topher's Collectors Say:

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